About STEM

What is STEM?

STEM Education is an approach to teaching and lifelong learning that emphasizes the natural interconnectedness of the four separate STEM disciplines; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The common element of problem solving is emphasized across all STEM disciplines allowing students to discover, explore, and apply critical thinking skills as they learn.

Key Features of STEM Learning

1. Real-world applications

​2. Problem solving and critical thinking

3. Integration of content


Engaged learners become our future leaders, change-makers, and economic drivers equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to support healthy families and communities positioned to thrive in a complex, STEM-focused global economy.

The benefits of STEM skills; being a problem solver and a critical thinker, being literate in science and technology, having the ability to collaborate and communicate, are benefits that apply to all fields.

Oregon Regional STEM Hub Network

Frontier STEM Hub is one of 13 regional STEM hubs across the state of Oregon.

The problem-solving and innovative thinking patterns that STEM learning inspires take time to develop. Oregon’s 13 STEM Hubs build connections in a geographic region so that learners can connect to STEM experiences early and often, igniting students’ passions and interest in these fields. When students are shown real-world connections to learning material and given opportunities to apply their knowledge outside of the classroom, they actively engage with school. STEM Hubs play an important role in Oregon by:

  • Identifying needs and assets in communities

  • Bringing together families, K-12 educators, career technical education partners, higher education, community-based organizations and industry to promote in-school and out-of-school STEM experiences.

  • Strategizing to fill STEM learning gaps.

  • Working creatively in their region to build shared social and economic prosperity through STEM access, interest and attainment of skills, especially for students furthest from opportunity.

STEM Hubs believe that every student, regardless of where they live in Oregon, deserves access to the learning experiences that will inspire them to be innovators and prepare them to help solve the challenges of tomorrow.