Frontier STEM Testimonials

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"You have enabled me to get a fabrication lab and so many other activities going here at Adrian.  Over 200 students are now engaging regularly with Computer Science, and a lot of that has to do with your support and help.  Thank you so much! "  -K.T.

"My students have enjoyed creating, problem solving and teamwork."   -M.B.

"My students have enjoyed the creation process and have learned that they can problem solve. (They) have enjoyed learning new skills that will help them decide which CTE pathway they would like to take in high school."  -M.B.

"Melodie has been such an incredible help to Jordan Valley.  She brought the laser engraver  all the way to Jordan Valley and has helped me to teach the students about the Rhino software and engraver.  Almost every student has used the engraver and we have had several students wanting to spend extra time designing and engraving and really enjoying this new technology.  Several even came over weekend days and after school.  Finding out that the STEM Hub has so many cool things for us to borrow has been really exciting for us.  We have been hesitant about borrowing because we are so far away and not knowledgeable about all of it but have been reassured by Melodie that they are always willing to provide support and help in any way.  She has always come to help when needed and even Facetimed on occasion.  The students are already designing for the vinyl cutter with very little assistance and seemed to have learned the program quickly."  -J.C.

"The Frontier STEM Hub helped us plan and implement an incredible summer school STEM finale for over 250 students. The team from Frontier STEM Hub pre-planned and organized with me and then carried out an educational event that was so engaging that one student said to me, in tears, "Why does summer school have to be over????"  -S.R.

"The Frontier STEM Hub has been so present in our school, it is truly amazing.  From providing Makerspace equipment and personnel, to providing professional development in NGSS and technology (Project Invent), to facilitating professional contacts with other regional science teachers, the Hub has been tireless in enabling teachers to help students.  Recently, I was able to borrow a class set of electricity kits to use with summer school students.  Even more recently, the STEM Hub garnered funds to fill my request for a new class set of Microbits.  I couldn't be more pleased with the personal service, expertise, and financial support the Frontier STEM Hub provides."  -K.D.

"My students ran groups of other students.  They really became pros at running ozobots, bluebots, spheros, and even the VR. It was way cool.  Thank you so much!" -C.D.

"Since joining this club, I have watched my grandson grow from a very shy, introverted young man into a young man that is excited about his new discovery in life and loves showing and sharing his work with anyone and everyone around him.  I have found that he expresses himself through his work in this club to family members and teachers. I cannot say enough about everyone that is running this club and working with the students.  What a huge difference you have made in my grandson and our community!!  It is so nice to know that he is in a safe environment and learning something that he can take with him throughout his school years, into his future, and, possibly teach and/or turn into his future!  You are all amazing and THANK YOU is just not big enough!!!! " -T.T.