Malheur Maker Faire


April 13, 2024 

Four Rivers Cultural Center , Ontario, Oregon

Theme: Harmony of the High Desert - Malheur County’s Rugged Beauty

The Frontier STEM Hub – Malheur ESD and Oregon State University Extension is sponsoring an art challenge for spring 2024. 

The contest is open to artists from grades 4th-12th in Malheur County. Public school, private school, and home school students are welcome to apply.


This will be a juried competition. The theme of the challenge is: Harmony of the High Desert - Malheur County’s Rugged Beauty. All art should reflect the feeling of the artist for the area, and can feature any interpretation of this theme. Artists should submit the work along with a brief artist’s statement about the artist and the work.


Art Challenge winners will be chosen based on grade/age, theme, and quality of the art.  Artist submissions will be shown and judged at the 

Malheur Maker Faire, April 13, 2024.

Wondering how your art will be judged? View the evaluation sheet the judges will be using by clicking here. 



By Wednesday, April 3rd  - A preliminary submission notice must be completed by the artist/school. 

By April 11th - Art must be delivered to show and be judged at the Malheur Maker Faire at the Four Rivers Cultural Center in Ontario between April 8th - 11th by appointment.

April 13, 2024 Malheur Maker Faire 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Submitted art on display 

All submission information will be kept confidential during the process to protect the privacy of the students. Winners will be given the option of what information they would like to have published.


Submission Details/Requirements:

Listed below are just a few of the possible project ideas for this theme.

1.    Sunset Serenade - Capture the breathtaking beauty of Malheur County sunsets. Include the geological formations that shape our landscape.

2.    Flora and Fauna in Focus - Celebrate the diverse plant and animal life found in Malheur County. 

3.    Rustic Reflections- Embrace the rustic charm of our agricultural background and craft pieces that embody the region’s rural character

4.    Echoes of the Past - Celebrate the cultural heritage and delve into the stories, traditions, and legacies that have shaped the community.

5.    Water Brings Life - Dive into the life-giving force of Malheur County water sources. Tell the story of how water sustains and transforms this arid land.