STEM Camps & Activities

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( More camps and activites will be added as they become available. )

Destination Dream Job (Career Exploration Days):  

June 17, 18, 20 2024

Youth will get hands on with different career sectors based on each participant's aptitude and interests. Session opportunities range from Eutrepenuralship and Art to Construction and Healthcare.

MecLab 'Earn to Learn':

June 24-28

Interested in manufacturing and want to earn money to learn more with hands on experience and earn MecLab certification.

2024 Calvin Hiatt Robotics Camp: 

July 22-25

Youth will learn how to work together to build and program VEX robots to accomplish missions. 

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Drones, Drums, & Dance STEAM Camp (Code Can Dance): 

October 9-12 2024

Participants can get up and dance to see and feel the parallels to coding. A series of dance moves are like the blocks of code used to program a drone or make LED

lights flash to the beat of your favorite music! Learn hip-hop dance, African

drumming, and coding. No dance or coding experience is required.